A "Tour" in the context of our route optimization API refers to a strategically organized sequence of stops at physical locations. These stops are carefully arranged to optimize travel efficiency and meet specific objectives. Tours play a crucial role in guiding the route optimization process, ensuring that deliveries, pickups, or other tasks are carried out in an optimal and streamlined manner.

For the format of the Tour event check ourAPI references

A "Stop" represents a designated physical location within a tour. Stops are the waypoints where various tasks or assignments are performed. These locations are carefully selected to maximize efficiency in the overall route, taking into consideration factors such as proximity, time-windows and delivery priorities.

For the format of the Stop event check ourAPI references

A "Shipment" encapsulates the concept of combined pickup and delivery assignments within the route optimization framework. It represents the transportation of goods from one location to another. If only one assignment is specified on a shipment, the start or end location of the route is assumed to be its counterpart. Shipments are integral to optimizing routes, as they involve the coordination of both pickup and delivery tasks, ensuring the tour follows the appropriate order and enough cargo space to perform pickups during the tour.

For the format of the Shipment event check ourAPI references

An "Assignment" is a specific task that needs to be performed at a given location, typically associated with a stop within a tour. Assignments encompass various activities, such as pickups and deliveries of goods, recharging your vehicle or even taking a break. In the context of route optimization, an assignment is a unit of work that takes a certain amount of time to perform and depending on the task even vehicle capacity. These variables are taken into account during planning to optimise the efficiency of the tour.

For the format of the Assignment event check ourAPI references