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Explore the power and precision of RoutiGo's APIs, your comprehensive resource for unlocking the full potential of our cutting-edge technologies. Whether you're venturing into importing shipments, tour planning, leveraging geocoding services, or diving into real-time event-driven architectures through webhooks, this website is your go-to destination for clarity, guidance, and seamless integration.


All basic information about the RoutiGo APIs and the system

Before you start using the RoutiGo APIs, you can familiarize yourself with some concepts, such as:

How you can make sure your API requests are authenticated. Which headers should be added and how can you get your credentials.
Real-time Webhooks
Harness the power of real-time communication and event-driven architectures with webhooks, enabling instant updates and responsiveness within your applications.


An overview of all used terms within RoutiGo

Here you can find the collection that provides a quick overview of the basic terminology commonly used within RoutiGo.

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API reference

Everything you need to deploy your app

Discover RoutiGo's APIs to build the best delivery experience.

This API facilitates the asynchronous uploading of shipment(s) to RoutiGo.
Whether you're mapping addresses to coordinates or uncovering location details from coordinates, this API provides a synchronous approach, delivering accurate results in real-time.
In the realm of logistics and tour management, the Planning API takes center stage, serving as a pivotal solution for developers seeking seamless access to tour and shipment information.
This API allows developers to effortlessly create, configure, and manage webhooks, enabling the integration of real-time data updates and event notifications into their applications.